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April 19th final report. The last week at Stowe was almost perfect. The sun came out and it warmed up last Sunday. Winter left, and Spring finally sprung. Every day saw warm temps and sunshine. The tops where skiable till late in the week. Natural snow trails remained in good shape till the end. The snowmaking trails still had 2 to 4 feet of cover to the bottom. Great finish to one of the best ski seasons ever.


April  11th weekend report. The week saw almost every condition. We had powder, sunshine, spring conditions, cream cheese powder on soft snow. soft groomers, and powder on firm. Everything is still open including the tops of the front four. Saturday Stowe hosted the first annual Pond Skimming competition at the bottom of Gondolier. Temps where around freezing but the turnout was quite good with around 80 competitors. Most made it across the 55 foot pond, but a few took a cold swim.


April 5th report, happy Easter, and  Passover. Easter sunrise service @ 6am Sunday was attended by over 1000 skiers and riders. Stowe received 1 to 7 inches over the weekend with winter conditions, and even some powder shots on the upper mountain. Today is the last day for the Gondola, and Sensation Quad on Big Spruce.


March 31st report. Powder alert! 2 to 4 inches overnight with sun in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday.


March 27th weekend report. The snow on Thursday into Friday deposited up to 5 inches at the top, down to about and inch at the base. Friday was a great day, with powder at higher elevations, and powder on corn down low. A great day to be in the woods. Saturday the temps will be in the 20's with a little more snow then clearing. Sunday should be sunny with temps in the 30's. Still great coverage, with bases up to 6 feet, and  all 116 trails open.


March 24th midweek report. The temps today finally got above freezing at the base. Bluebird skies. No wind, and winter conditions made for a great day. For Wednesday we should see our first spring condition day of the week. Temps will get into the 40's, but a front is coming through on Thursday. A little cooler on Friday and  the rain will turn to snow, with some accumulation possible for Friday.


March 20th weekend report. Today is the first day of Spring, but we should have Winter conditions through the weekend. Friday temps got up into the high 20's at the base, with packed powder, and groomed conditions. A little warmup for Saturday, and some snow in the forecast. Cold temps in the teens again for Sunday. Skiing is great, everything is open, it will be another Winter weekend in Stowe.


March 18th midweek report. Stowe received another few inches of dense snow on St Patty's day. A little snow and mist in the morning, changed over to all snow by noon, with some heavy squalls and wind. The temps have dropped overnight, so bundle up for today, and enjoy the green waterfall under the Gondola. Yesterday everything skied great, except for visibility at the top.


March 16th. Sunday morning we have received 2 to 3 inches of dense snow. With temps in the high 20's, we should have a nice day on the groomers, and the new snow should soften up the trails and woods. Another couple of inches during the day Sunday, brought the storm total up to 5 inches. The woods skied great today. A little warmup on Monday. The Guv and his crew will color the waterfall green for St Patty's Day. Stowe is offering $59 tickets for Tuesday.


March 13th weekend report. After a mid week warm up,it was cold and firm on Thursday and Friday. For the weekend we are expecting a mix on Saturday turning back to snow Saturday night into Sunday. Everything is still open, with great coverage, and deep bases from 3 to 6 feet.


March 9th. Powder Alert!! Surprise 8 to 11 inches overnight and mild temps. Probably the best day of the season. Powder everywhere, knee shots, waist shots, and even face shots. Spring is coming, expect temps into the 40's for mid week. 245 inches for the season, and 80 inches at the snow stake. Snowbird has 247 inches for the season, and 81 inch base. Where is the best powder skiing this year? Stowe!!


March 5th weekend report. The conditions have been fantastic all week. Friday looks sunny with the high temperature in the mid teens. The weekend temps should be in the 20's, with some more snow late Saturday into Sunday. Should be one of the best weekends of the year.


March 2nd report. Monday was one of the best powder days of the season. Started the day with 3 to 4 inches, and it snowed all day. Stowe ended up with 5 to 7 inches of light powder.. More snow for Tuesday night, and  a brief warmup on Wednesday.


February 27th weekend report. Saturday and Sunday are looking great.Temps are moderating into the teens, and with light winds and sunshine expect long groomers,and packed powder bumps on the trails, and in the woods. More snow is in the forecast for Sunday night into Monday.


February 24th midweek report. The skiing is terrific, with 6 feet of snow just in February. Everything , especially the woods is skiing great. It warmed up Tueday, a little warmer for mid week, and another 4 inches to freshen things up.


February 22nd report. Powder Alert! 7 to 9 inches Saturday night. Temps in the 20's. Should be one of the best days of the year.


April 19th final stats. 284 inches, 72 inches at the snow stake. Base depths from 2 to 4 feet. Stowe had a great season with plenty of snow, feet of man made snow, and no thaws till the last week of the season. Just a week ago the snow stake reached 90 inches. Except for the cold month of February, we had one of the best seasons ever!

April 1st stats. 268 inches for the season, and 87 inches at the snow stake. Bases from 3 to 6 feet. Everything is open and in great shape. March was a great month. A lot of powder days for only 43 inches for the month.


March 1st stats. 225 inches for the season, and 80 inches at the snow stake. Bases are from 3 to 6 feet. February was cold, but with 6 feet of new snow, it was one of the best condition wise.


February 1st stats. 116 trails, man made bases up to 5 feet, 154 inches of snowfall and 55 inches at the snow stake.


January 1st stats. 80 trails with man made base depths up to 4 feet.  92 inches of snowfall.and 28 inches at the snow stake.


December 1st Stats. Stowe has the most open terrain in Northern Vermont,with 30 trails, 9 miles, and 5 lifts. Base depths on snowmaking trails is between 1 to 3 feet. 14 inches at the snow stake, and 50 inches of natural snow so far for the season. The Gondola is scheduled to open next Saturday.


Stowe will be opening for the season on Saturday November 22nd for everyone. Season Pass appreciation day will be Saturday November 15th for season pass holders only. Top to bottom skiing on Lord and North Slope has already been available to the many skiers that have hiked the 2000 vertical feet to the top of the Quad.


April 20th final stats.Stowe closed with 63 inches at the stake, 266 inches for the year, and great coverage top to bottom, thanks to the new snowmaking system, and 300 million gallons of water.


April 1st report. March was a great month with over 7 feet of snow. 258 inches and 85 inches at the stake. Powder and packed till the last weekend.


March 1st stats. February was a good month, plenty of powder, and no thaws. 183 inches of snowfall for the season, and 60 inches at the Mt Mansfield snow stake.


February 6th stats, 137 inches of snowfall for the season,and 37 inches at the snow stake.


Hours of operation for Stowe. Weekend and holidays the Quad opens at 7:30, during the week the Forerunner Quad opens at 8:00. The Gondola opens at 8:30 daily. Most other lifts are open by 9:00 or earlier. Lifts operate till 4:00.


This summer saw another few million dollars on new snowmaking systems, and new energy efficient guns. Towers and pipes where replaced on Gondolier. Both Gondolier and Perry Merrill can now open early with the tower guns. Work was also done on the rest of Mansfield, and Spruce. Stowe's snowmaking system is now world class, which means earlier opening of trails, and better conditions for the season.


April 21st final stats. 287 inches of snowfall for the year and still 72 inches at the snow stake.


April 15th stats. Stowe has received 286 inches of snow and there is still 78 inches at the snow stake. Everything is covered and open going into the last week of the season.


April 1st update. The Gondola and Sensation Quad are scheduled to stay open till Sunday April 7th. Total snow fall for the season totals 272 inches, with 77 inches still at the snow stake.


March 24 stats  263 inches of snowfall and 82 inches at the snow stake. Best skiing of the season.


March 1st stats. 217 inches of snowfall, 76 inches in February, 65 inches at the snow stake. Some of the best skiing and riding of the season.


181 inches of snowfall and 56 inches at the snow stake as of February 13th.  Some of the best conditions of the year for President's weekend.


Stowe has more terrain open early thanks to the new snowmaking system. Great time to have your bindings checked, and a tune up before hitting the slopes.


Stowe has big plans for increased snowmaking for next year. A 4.7 million dollar investment willl guarantee even better early and late season skiing and riding.


February 28 statistics for Stowe. 81 inches at the snow stake.  182 inches of snow for the season. Best skiing of the year.


Preidents week. From February 18 till Sunday February 26, the FourRunner Quad opens at 7:30. The earliest lift opening in the East.


February 1 statistics for Stowe. 44 inches at the Mount Mansfield stake, 116 inches of snow so far, Base depths from 12 to 36 inches. Every trail, including natural snow trails, have been open, including the tops of the front four.


We are expecting  a snow storm for Thursday into Friday. Should be a great MLK weekend, with seasonal temperatures, and some sunshine.


Happy New years. With up to 2 feet of snow in the last week, Stowe now has 53 trails and 12 lfts spinning for the NewYears weekend.


Snowmaking continues on Perry Merrill, Main Street, and Little Spruce. This is a good time to demo the new shaped, rockered skis. Ski technology has made skiing much easier. If your skis are more than a few years old, you don't know what you are missing.


Stowe is open for the season, with top to bottom skiing on the new FourRunner  Quad. The new quad uses RFID technology, so no more taking your pass out to show the lift attendant. Also 50% more uphill capacity, shorter lift lines. This is the time to get your bindings checked, and your skis tunned for the season.