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February 16, 2018

The month of February has been fantastic so far for XC skiing and fat biking! We’ve had our ups and downs for snow conditions this season, but we’ve had great coverage and good snow quality recently. We had some great days at Trapp Family Lodge this week enjoying their trail network with excellent conditions. We’re still waiting for one of those epic Vermont backcountry powder days, but we have a perfect base right now.

If you’re an XC skier you’ve been very happy recently. Local trail networks are skiing great, including Trapp Family Lodge and the Stowe Nordic Center. The town has been doing a great job keeping the Stowe Recreation Path groomed. We don’t have the deepest snowpack in town, but certainly enough to cover the trail and allow for some fun skiing right here in town. We had a couple thaw/freeze cycles recently. We’ve found that Trapp Family Lodge is very quick about re-grooming their trails after these weather events, so we would strongly recommend heading up there if you’re looking to do some XC skiing and the snow conditions aren’t ideal elsewhere.

Fat biking has been really good recently too. The thaw/freeze cycles actually help the biking conditions, as it gives us a nice firm base that your tires don’t push through. Another reminder that Cady Hill Forest is closed for the season, but there’s plenty of other spots that are fun for biking around here. There’s some fun riding in Sterling Valley if you’re feeling adventurous, or you can just cruise up and down the Recreation Path to get a little spin.

It’s been a slow season for backcountry skiing, although we’ve had some moments in the past week with good conditions at high elevations. We do have a nice base, although every time we get one of these thaw/freeze cycles it does expose some streams at lower elevations, so if you’re going out in the backcountry be aware that it’s not the deepest base until you get up high. The Mansfield snow stake is sitting at 59 inches, which isn’t super deep, but is pretty good going into late February and March.

See you on the trails!


Off the Mountain Snow Report

Great conditions recently for XC skiing and fat biking!


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