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February 22, 2017

We’ve had some variable weather between last week and this week which has left us with some variable conditions for XC skiing, fat biking, and BC touring. On the bright side there’s still plenty of snow out there and we’ve still been spending plenty of time out on our skis and bikes despite this week’s slightly warmer weather.

The XC skiing this season has been great. Although this recent mid-week thaw has had an effect on the trails for the most part they are still skiing great. The Stowe Recreation Path doesn’t have quite enough coverage in spots and no longer can be skied from end to end. It wouldn’t take much, however, to recoup the trail and get full coverage from end to end again. Trapp Family Lodge and Stowe Nordic Center, on the other hand, have been absolutely great! We’ve been spending a lot of time on the trails this week getting ready for this weekend’s Stowe Derby race and conditions have been firm in the mornings and softening by the afternoon. In the days to come we’ll see less firm snow in the morning and more soft snow all day long as temperatures aren’t supposed to drop as low at night. The warmest day this week will be Saturday and then Saturday night we dive back down into more seasonable temperatures.

The snow in Cady Hill Forest and on other trails in town has been firm and grippy and really has been pretty excellent for biking. It provides great traction for the climbs and actually has made it able to stand up on some of the climbs, which is a rarity when riding a bike in the snow. The Cady Hill Forest trails would benefit from some additional snowfall and a bit of a re-groom as there has been a lot of foot traffic on the trails, which has made them a little bit bumpy in spots. Overall it’s still really fun riding out there.

If you’re looking to do some BC touring you’re going to want to stick to higher elevations. At lower elevations like down in town we’ve seen some significant snow melt this week, although we’ve lost less than a foot of base at higher elevations. Be careful of snow conditions if you’re out in the backcountry. Early in the morning conditions have been super firm with the sun and warmer temperatures softening the snow in the afternoon. With the temperatures expected to stay warm through Saturday, even at night, we expect a more consistently soft snow surface the next few days.

See you on the trails!


Off the Mountain Snow Report

Variable conditions but fun skiing and biking this week!


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