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January 10, 2018

The cold stretch is over! We had a rough stretch of weather there for any kind of outdoor activity with the temperatures staying below zero for almost two full weeks. During that time, however, it was nice to get out on XC skis, especially in the woods, where you were a little more sheltered from the wind and cold. The temperatures have been much more mild in the past few days and the snow conditions have been fantastic.

Trapp Family Lodge and Stowe XC Center both continue to have great conditions. We’ve been pretty lucky so far this season with the amount of snowfall we’ve had. Trails have great coverage and the snow surface has stayed relatively consistent. The groomed trails are skiing fast and smooth right now whether on classic skis or skate skis. Those looking to make their own tracks have been finding some nice soft snow. We haven’t had a huge single accumulation recently, but a few little 2-3 inch storms have combined for some really nice conditions.

Fat bikers have also really been enjoying the conditions. This past Sunday was the Uberwintern Fat Bike Festival right here in Stowe. Turnout was great and the Stowe Mountain Bike Club groomed a few local trails off Meadow Lane. Those trails are likely still mostly groomed, even after the snowfall earlier this week. A reminder that the majority of Cady Hill Forest remains closed for the season, which is requiring us to get a little more creative with our fat bike terrain.

Backcountry skiers have been enjoying good coverage in the trees, especially at higher elevations. While we’re still not to full mid-winter base depths, we’re starting to reach an amount of snow that allows for much safer backcountry skiing. You should still be aware that you’ll encounter hazards at lower elevations, but we’re getting there. If you’re looking to get out and do some AT skiing Stowe Mountain Resort does allow for uphill travel on certain trails and higher elevation in the notch is also skiing pretty darn good right now.

We hate to end with this, but we’re about to hit a brief January thaw here in Stowe. Temperatures are expected to rise into the 40s and possibly even low 50s, accompanied by some wet precipitation. Keep your fingers crossed for cooler temps and less precipitation that forecasted, although even if it’s as bad as it could be we shouldn’t lose too much snow. Either way we’ll update you early next week after we’ve dropped back into more seasonally appropriate weather.

See you on the trails!


Off the Mountain Snow Report

Great conditions recently for XC skiing and fat biking!


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