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January 26, 2018

The month of January has had its ups and downs in terms of snow conditions and weather, but current conditions are a lot better than they could be. This has been the month for XC skiing and fat biking, while we’re still waiting for more fresh snow to really improve the backcountry ski terrain. We’ve had multiple thaw/freeze cycles this week, which have resulted in an impenetrable base. We’ve also picked up a few inches of snow here and there, which has helped keep the snow surface soft on top despite the firm base.

Fat biking has been unbelievable recently. Right now we have that firm base underneath covered by about an inch of chalky, softer snow that really bonded well. It has allowed you to go anywhere you want on your fat bike. Basically anything that’s snow covered is fair game. Lower elevation terrain has a little more grip than higher terrain. Cady’s Falls is riding perfect. You stay right on top of the crust and there is plenty of grip in the top layer. Some terrain at higher elevation is a little slicker, but still really good all things considered. A reminder that Cady Hill Forest (not to be confused with Cady’s Falls) will remain closed throughout the season.

XC skiing has also been really good recently. The soft snow that’s been falling right after the thaw/freeze cycles we’ve had has really kept conditions good. The snow has been fast and consistent. It’s great for skiing both on groomed terrain and for those who are looking to explore ungroomed terrain. With the fast snow now is a great time to try skate skiing if you never have before. It’s a lot of fun when you get nice glide like you do right now.

Backcountry skiers are still in somewhat of a holding pattern waiting for more significant snowfall. Luckily we’re heading into February, which is typically a very snowy month for this area. With the solid base we have right now all it will take it a couple bigger storms and we’ll be right back out there enjoying more backcountry skiing.

See you on the trails!


Off the Mountain Snow Report

Great conditions recently for XC skiing and fat biking!


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