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April 12, 2018

It’s another fun day on the slopes at Stowe! The weather is pretty nice out there to start the day, although there is some potential rain in the forecast later this afternoon. We picked up another inch of snow overnight last night and with the relatively mild temperatures there are some nice creamy turns where the snow was left un-groomed. Conditions range a little bit from the top of the mountain to the base due to the changes in temperatures.

Conditions on the groomers actually felt more like packed powder this morning than anything else. Stowe groomed out Liftline, Nosedive, and lower angle runs as well. Where the snow was groomed it’s really smooth and easy to get an edge in. The will soften throughout the day thanks to temperatures warming to near 40 at the summit. This morning the snow was cold and dry at the top, but already getting softer and melting a little at the base.

Off the groomers that inch of snow really made for some fun turns. Just like the groomers, at higher elevations the snow is pretty light and dry. As you descend it gets heavier and heavier, resulting in more cream cheese, mashed potatoes style conditions near the base. Hayride had some fun turns this morning thanks to that fresh snowfall. Moguls should start to soften up throughout the day, but they were still quite firm this morning in most spots.

See you on the slopes!

Average Base Depths:
Snowmaking: 30″ – 60″
Natural Snow: 8″ – 30″
Mt. Mansfield Stake: 87″
Season Total: 262″

Alpine Snow Report

Another fun spring day on the slopes!


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