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April 14, 2018

Well the mountain is basically a giant ice cube thanks to yesterday’s rain and last night’s cold temperatures. Stowe put up a valiant effort trying to groom the snow, but they were ultimately defeated by mother nature. Conditions were tough today, although it was really fun to see so many people out there having fun despite it.

The snow conditions on the groomers was very firm and fast. It really was as icy as you’ll ever encounter today. Every once in a while you could find some soft snow on top of the ice, but that didn’t happen very often. It was actually best to look for terrain that was kind of bumpy, but not too bumpy, as you could actually get a bit of edge grip in the inconsistent snow surface.

Most un-groomed trails were closed today, and for good reason. It’s treacherous off the groomers thanks to the completely frozen snow. On the bright side we’re going to pick up a few inches of sleet and snow tonight, so tomorrow could be one of those creamy, dense powder days if we’re lucky. That would be pretty special for closing day and for mid-April.

See you on the slopes tomorrow for closing day!

Average Base Depths:
Snowmaking: 30″ – 60″
Natural Snow: 8″ – 30″
Mt. Mansfield Stake: 86″
Season Total: 262″

Alpine Snow Report

The mountain is an ice cube


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