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February 13, 2018

It’s amazing how much one more night of grooming can change conditions. While the conditions are still firm, the groomers are much better today. They’re smooth and fast, but compared to yesterday it’s much easier to get an edge in. With perfect sunny skies, low winds, and relatively mild temperatures it’s going to be a fun day to cruise around Stowe.

Snow conditions on the groomers are packed frozen granular conditions. The grooming team did a great job tilling the snow last night to give it some depth and softness. Instead of just riding across an icy slope like yesterday, today you can actually dig into the snow a little bit. Hayride was skiing quite well this morning, and Liftline was also groomed, although there was some inconsistency in the snow surface, especially down 13 Pitch. Lower angle groomed runs are skiing great, although it is the type of day when you want some sharp edges.

Off the groomers conditions are still pretty firm. We’re going to need to wait for some fresh snow or warmer temperatures before the snow softens up on un-groomed trails. Most natural snow trails remain closed today, and we expect that to continue throughout the day. We’re going to see temperatures rise into the upper 30s tomorrow, which may be enough to soften the snow surface, but we’ll have to wait and see.

There’s some snow in the forecast on Friday, so keep doing those snow dances and hopefully we’ll pick up some significant snowfall.

See you on the slopes!

Average Base Depths:
Snowmaking: 30″ – 60″
Natural Snow: 14″ – 28″
Mt. Mansfield Stake: 60″
Season Total: 167″

Alpine Snow Report

Much better conditions than yesterday!


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