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January 11, 2018

Today was a surprisingly fun, soft, relatively dry day on the slopes. A couple of light rain showers passed through in the early morning, but the rest of the day was dry with temps above freezing. The day started with nice groomers with some still frozen sections.  Temperatures warmed up and most surfaces softened to nice carve-able spring snow. The trees and bumps were a little sticky to start the day but did get better with some skier traffic. The best runs were to be had on snowmaking trails, especially the groomers. Even some bump runs and trees skied fine but were a little hard on the legs. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for rain and even warmer temps then today. Put on your rain gear and enjoy the spring conditions. The good news is the rain will turn to snow late Friday, and we could see significant accumulation by Saturday in time for the MLK weekend.

Average Base Depths:
Snowmaking: 24″ – 48″
Natural Snow: 12″ – 30″
Mt. Mansfield Stake: 46″
Season Total: 125″

Alpine Snow Report

Today stayed surprisingly dry and the snow was nice and soft


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