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January 11, 2018

It’s a warm, wet day at Stowe today. The first two runs of the morning were relatively dry, but rain started falling around 8:30 this morning. The temperature is hovering in the mid-30s to lower 40s and is expected to stay pretty consistent throughout the day, potentially warming up to the mid-40s at the summit by mid-afternoon. Snow conditions started off pretty firm after the snow firmed up last night, but should soften over the course of the day.

Conditions on the groomers first thing in the morning were firm and fast. The snow surface is pretty frozen in most spots, although it looks like the grooming team did a couple extra passes on certain trails. Some trails had a couple groomer widths of softer snow that was easier to get an edge in. The really frozen stuff was pretty much rock hard this morning, although is likely already softening as I’m writing this due to the warm temperatures and rainfall.

Off the groomers conditions are similar, although not as extreme. The snow is firm, but not completely frozen like it is on the groomers. We should see the snow on ungroomed trails soften a little quicker today, although we wouldn’t be surprised is Ski Patrol decides to close some natural snow trails to help preserve the base.

The wet weather is expected to continue through today, tonight, and into Friday. Luckily the temperatures are expected to drop Friday night and this rain is looking like it’s going to turn into snow before Saturday. We’ll give you an updated forecast tomorrow as the amount, or even the existence, or snow has been varying.

See you on the slopes!

Average Base Depths:
Snowmaking: 24″ – 48″
Natural Snow: 12″ – 30″
Mt. Mansfield Stake: 46″
Season Total: 125″

Alpine Snow Report

Some wet weather over the next couple days…


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