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March 11, 2018

What a day at Stowe! The snow that started yesterday afternoon just kept on coming, eventually tapering off this afternoon to light flurries. In total this most recent storm dropped 7-10 inches, which brings our week total up around 2 feet. That amount of snow not only made conditions fantastic, it also allowed Ski Patrol to drop every rope on the mountain. We’re back to 100% open terrain and this March is turning out to be a miracle after all.

Conditions on the groomers were mostly powder as just about any trail that was groomed last night got another 2-4 inches of snow on top of the corduroy. Certain trails were smoother than others if you were looking for cruiser runs. In the morning there were some relatively smooth, packed powder turns on lower angle groomers off the Forerunner Quad, but even the trails that were groomed earliest this morning did eventually get bumped up quite a bit.

The highlight of today, however, certainly wasn’t the groomers. It was full on powder anywhere that had not been groomed. The snow is relatively dense, but not too dense, which is just about perfect as it covered up a lot of thin spots and also allowed for soft, smooth turns. Steeper natural snow trail favorites like Goat, Starr, and Lookout are skiing great. We’ve also picked up enough snow in the past week to cover most hazards that were forming in the woods. Keep in mind that underneath this snow you may still find some open streams, and they can sneak up on you pretty quickly, so stay alert. That being said, it’s pretty much game on for most terrain on Mt. Mansfield.

There’s more snow in the forecast on Tuesday and into Tuesday night. It’s a little to early to tell for sure, but with current predictions we should pick up at least another 6 inches or so.

See you on the slopes!

Average Base Depths:
Snowmaking: 30″ – 60″
Natural Snow: 16″ – 36″
Mt. Mansfield Stake: 58″
Season Total: 209″

Alpine Snow Report

A memorable powder day at Stowe!


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