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April 11, 2017

Spring is here, snow is melting, but there’s still some fun to be had off the mountain! It’s been a season for the record books in terms of snowfall, which has left us with a really nice snowpack at upper elevations. While most of the snow down in town has melted, you will find some in sheltered areas in the woods, especially where it’s been packed down by bikers, hikers, and BC skiers.

Speaking of biking we’re almost ready to turn the corner from snow biking to dirt biking. However, before you pull out your summer trail bike, you may be able to get a couple more rides in on your snow bike. Cady Hill Forest, however, has been closed due to wet trails, which may take us all the way into summer riding conditions. At higher elevations, like through Smuggler’s Notch, you will find more snow if you’re looking to spin the pedals on your fat bike a few more times.

The backcountry skiing this past weekend was absolutely awesome thanks to another foot of snow over Friday night. There’s well over 100 inches of snow at the Mansfield Stake, which means plenty of snow at higher elevations for backcountry ski missions. We do recommend sticking to higher terrain; anything below Smuggler’s Notch is likely not going to have enough snow left. Where there is snow it’s usually plenty deep, but as always be aware of snow melt and the exposed hazards like roots, stumps, and running water.

For Nordic skiers there’s still open terrain at Trapp Family Lodge with 45 km of trails. The snow is spring-like and pretty soft, so plan your wax accordingly. There’s nothing worse than going out on a spring day to log some km’s and realize your skis are basically glued to the snow. Trapp Family Lodge is recommending Swix CH10 or LF10 for your glide wax, and we agree that’s the right choice.

See you on the trails!


Off the Mountain Snow Report

Spring is here, but there’s still snow to play on!


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